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Power Supplies A constant current source source can supply a fixed current to a load regardless of input voltage or load change. The LM is quite useful as a constant current source, works on a wide input voltage range, from 3V up to 40V. The circuit is rather simple, uses only one transistor and few passive components and performs well in terms of frequency stability, almost zero drifting after about 4 hours of continuous operation. With 12 volt DC it will deliver 1 watt RF power. The most important parts of the oscillator are the transistor Q1 and the tuned circuit, which comprises the inductor Ll and the variable capacitor CV1. When the battery is first connected, a brief surge of current flows from the collector to the emitter of Q1, causing an oscillating i. An oscillating voltage therefore appears at the junction of Ll and CV1. The frequency of the oscillation depends on the values of Ll and CV1, so that varying the value of CV1 tunes the oscillations to the exact frequency required. In order to achieve a high output level, you will need a well tuned antenna, and a large heatsink to dissipate the heat from T2 transistor.

Can I hook up two subs to a mono channel amp?

The SMP Mono Subwoofer Amp features variable low-pass crossover, easily accessible volume control and a low-frequency effect input. It’s designed for use with higher wattage passive subwoofers so you can tighten the level of the bass signal. You can even use the high-pass ins and outs to send the signal back into your sound system.

Bryston 7B ST Monoblock Amplifiers Review by Dwayne Carter I love my car. The Bryston 7B ST mono amp (remember, you need two of ’em for stereo folks) go for about $ ea. ($ a pair). I will be saving my pennies for a pair of these amps, count on it.

One thing I learned pretty early in life is that speakers are not meant to be wired together in a haphazard manner. In fact, whenever you plan to connect more than two speakers to a two-channel amplifier — or more than four speakers to a four-channel amp — there are a few things to consider, not the least of which is the amps ability to handle low-impedance loads.

Ignoring the basics is like playing Russian roulette with your amplifier: If youre lucky, itll drive the speakers without incident; if youre not, the amp will fry. The great thing about a multiple-speaker hookup is that once you master only two basic wiring procedures — “series” and “parallel” — the world is yours to conquer. When you know how many speakers youre going to use and the impedance driving capability of your amplifier, youll be able to select a wiring scheme that will deliver the best sonic and electrical results.

In some cases, it may not be one procedure or the other but a combination of the two that works best. Speakers in Series The essence of series wiring is really quite simple: When speakers are connected in this fashion, load impedance increases — the more speakers, the higher the impedance. The most common reason for wanting to raise impedance is to lower acoustical output, as in the case of rear-fill or center-channel speakers. Speaker output declines because the amplifiers power output decreases as the load impedance increases.

While you can connect any number of speakers in series, try to keep the total equivalent-load impedance for each channel below 16 ohms, since most amps are not designed to handle higher loads. Figure 1A demonstrates how to wire a pair of speakers in series. The positive output terminal from one channel of the amplifier is wired to the positive terminal of Speaker A, and the negative terminal of Speaker A is connected to the positive terminal of Speaker B.

McIntosh MC252 Owner’s Manual

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system Hint: You don’t necessarily need a receiver with subwoofer output jacks. Subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. So adding a sub is not just about adding more and deeper bass; rather, a properly integrated subwoofer can improve the overall sound of the system. AV receivers feature bass management to direct the low bass frequencies to the sub and the midrange and treble frequencies to the speakers.

The subwoofer is hooked up to the receiver with a single interconnect cable.

Quantum Audio’s QPD mono amplifier can send up to watts to your subs! Loud enough for ya? Read More QPSM8v4: Quantum Pro Audio Mids. With a max power of watts and a shallow mount basket, the QPSM8 blows everything else out the water. Read More QRS Speaker Series. Wow, talk about efficient!.

Amp to factory stero hookup chrisfrye , I’m hooking up two more speakers and an amp. From what i’ve gathered i hook the four factory speakers to the amp, as well as my new ones, then run lines back the the factory wire harness for the 8 speaker wires. Then i drilled in the firewall to run a positive lead to my battery, then ran a ground to my chasis.

Theres one last wire i have to hookup which is the power lead to turn on the amp. I’m not sure where on the harness it hookups.

Basic Subwoofer Setup and Placement Guide

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Jun 28,  · Why a mono cartridge? Discussion in ‘Audio Hardware’ started by Frumaster I wish I had two tonearms, one for mono and one for stereo or a mono switch on the pre well dogpile, Dec 31, #7. Hegeman’s Ghost Take a pair of Y connectors, attach them to each other, and then to a 3 ft. RCA hookup cable. Measure the resistance.

Hello, Newbie to the forum, hope you can help. I’m playing the mono version with a stereo cartridge, and some of the tracks sound utterly awful. For example, on Foxy Lady the vocals sound almost non-existent through the speaker. I’m pretty sure the stylus is picking up the vocals fine, because when I turn the amp off I can hear the vocals clear as day coming from the record, but through the speaker the vocals sound very muffled compared to the guitar tracks.

This is not the case for some of the tracks on the record, which sound absolutely great with vocals totally clear through the speaker, but Foxy Lady and a few other track just don’t sound right. Is there some sort of issue with playing this Mono LP with a Stereo cartridge?

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The KPA has a somewhat unusual way of handling a clean tone, which can be confusing. The KPA can only capture a profile at a certain gain setting but allows editing the gain on the resulting rig, all the way from completely clean to fully-saturated, mushy distortion. To do this, each amp profile contains a kind of parallel pair of clean and distorted profiles. From about 4 and below on the Gain knob, the profiles are blended inversely, and these can have a radically different volume level depending on how hot the pickups you use are.

Clean Sense can be adjusted to make these roughly equal. Clean Sense should not be used to try to volume-level different rigs use the Volume Knob instead , and it does not impact changes in gain other than changing the Gain setting on the KPA.

The four cornered hex bolts unscrew to reveal mounting tubes (see attached pictures) that allows the installer to bolt down the amp for a razor clean installation. Top it off with a soft blue center logo glow with hundreds of “micro” LEDs.

Unique to McIntosh is the use of the output autoformer. The output autoformer is said to match various speaker impedance levels to the amplifier circuits, keeping the amplifier operating within its optimum load, reducing distortion and overheating. The MC ‘s fully balanced quad-differential circuits go beyond a traditional balanced circuit topology to eliminate nearly all distortion. Total harmonic distortion is rated at less than 0.

The amplifier is protected by two systems, McIntosh’s Power Guard which prevents the amplifier from being overdriven and Sentry Monitor with Thermal Protection. All of the performance and protection features are wrapped up in a chassis that is immediately identifiable at great distance as a McIntosh. The MC has the signature black glass front panel with a very large illuminated power meter with soft blue backlighting above the iconic McIntosh logo which is backlit by green fiber optics.

The panel features McIntosh’s new “three dimensional look” which adds a modern touch to this classic design. Chrome plated knobs can be found below and to each side of the illuminated meter. One controls the meter allowing the meter to operate in real time, hold on peaks or be turned off when a dark room is desirable, the other knob turns the amplifier on and off or allows for remote triggering.

This amplifier looks just as impressive from any angle; the bottom portion of the amplifier is made from stainless steel polished to chrome like appearance upon which two large enclosures sit directly behind the front panel, one for the transformer and the other the autoformer.

Wiring 2 subs to a Mono amp?

How do you hook up a CD player to an amp? Make sure that the power wire and aux cable are on opposite sides of the vehicle for less distortion and interference. How can you hook up another amp to your sub amp for your 6×9? You would bridge the amps, it will cut into your power, but that’s how you do it. This is not recommended because you take a pretty big risk of blowing both of your amps. How do you hook up a sub-woofer and amp in a Mazda 3?

Mar 17,  · The plan is to run the RCAs to my S/O M (mono) amp. I have the LOC wired so that R+ and L+ are spliced together with my Left Rear + from HU wiring harness and R- and L- are spliced together with my Left rear – from HU wiring harness.

Darko December 29, , My latest rig flew as a single piece of checked baggage from Hong Kong to Australia and then to the UK before being couriered to Germany. This is the LS50 but not as we know it. Jack Ocklee-Brown and his team of Kent-based engineers have activated this super-popular standmount with bespoke fit amplification, DAC and network streamer and installed the whole lot inside the speaker enclosures.

Inside each speaker sit two amplifiers and two DACs. Cast a casual eye over any audio show coverage: And how many rooms feature active loudspeakers? Yup — thought so. This 21st Century hifi system comes to life with a four-note start-up sound and we are ready to play music in under five minutes. The fastest and easiest way to get tunes to spill from the LS50 Wireless is from its Bluetooth 4.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. There is no guarantee that the cable works, that you will get all the channels or that a digital box may or may not be needed. If you need cable TV at your campsite this destination might be a good choice.

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Amplifier Tips : Mono D-class Car Stereo Amplifiers