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Essence Of Women, The: Produced for the Season. Directed by Randolph Carter. Billed with “The Troubadour,” “Delusions” and “Mrs. Book by Bertolt Brecht. Wife of Bob Fosse. Various productions translated by Charles Laughton, Desmond I. Book by Bartly Campbell.

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Typical Light-House Establishment oiler or lamp While sitting here sorting through some old papers, I came across a letter from a dealer written in , offering me a 9 inch plate with the turquoise insignia of the US. After thinking for less than a few seconds I of course phoned him to accept his kind offer. Light-House Establishment oil can markings An area of considerable interest continues to be U.

A countless variety of items were produced over the years, most being manufactured in the General Light-House Depot at Staten Island.

R.E. Dietz Company Limited (DIETZ) was founded by Mr. Robert Edwin Dietz in New York, U.S.A. in and began manufacturing kerosene lanterns, which are commonly known as hurricane lanterns. The terminology reflects the characteristics of the lantern for safely used in hurricane weather.

The invention of the “modern” bicycle dates to the mid ‘s and earlier, depending upon which source you consult. The early versions were called velocipedes and were propelled by the rider “walking” while seated on the wheeled vehicle. Many of the early designs were of European origin, the products of French, German and English ingenuity. Over the years, various improvements were made including steering, pneumatic tires, pedals and cranks, suspensions, gears, and other safety features.

By the late ‘s, the form of the bicycle would be as readily recognizable as those manufactured today. As the bicycle gained popularity and became more affordable to the masses, so came the need for illumination for nighttime riding. Many of the lantern makers made bicycle lamps as well – R. Dietz, Peter Gray, C. The basic, overall design of the bicycle lamps remained relatively standard.

They consist of a lamp or lantern housing most often brass and sometimes nickel-plated , removable fount and burner, front lens and reflector, and some type of bracket for attaching the lamp to the bicycle. Most have a convex lens on the front to focus and concentrate the light. On the back of the inside of the housing, there is often a polished metal reflector to increase light output. There are often green or red glass jewels on the side or back of the lamp which function as side green and rear red markers.

You may find cotton wadding in the founts that was placed there to prevent the oil from sloshing around.

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I worked with an old conductor who was bound and determined to leave the marker lights and spare kerosene lantern in the caboose supply locker in better shape than when he got on board. If you were his brakeman you got to learn from him how to dismantle the different types and brands of lanterns available and how to clean them up and trim the wicks.

After a bit it was fun to make everything like new again.

Handlan Railroad Lanterns Look here to find vintage and antique Handlan railroad lanterns, caboose marker lights, switch signal lamps and other rare, old Handlan lanterns .

Tradition now has it that the other two Florys on board that day, Adolph and John George, were Johannes’ brothers. It is not known where the three boarded the ship originally. The John and Elizabeth was registered in Portsmouth, England, but it made Palatinate, Hanau, Wirtemberg, and Rotterdam its main ports of call on the journey as it sailed down the Rhine to pick up German emigrants. While other English ships made similar voyages frequently along this same route, the John and Elizabeth apparently made but this one.

It is also not clear as to whether or not any women accompanied the three brothers. The ship lists, following traditions of the time, did not record female passengers. They do enumerate ” Whole Freights. Thus, it is possible, although not necessarily likely, that the brothers may have been accompanied by their mother, a sister or two, or even a wife, who may or may not have survived the trip.

Embury No.350 Little Supreme Cold Blast (c1916-1951) PDH Lantern very rare

These kerosene lanterns were smaller units with a carrying handle or bail on top. The globes were generally clear as they were used for lighting, rather than signaling or navigation aid. Most that I have seen over the years were manufactured by the R.

Dietz Railroad Lanterns Great deals on vintage and antique Dietz railroad lanterns.

The lantern frame shows brown patina and some pitting but is overall straight and complete. The bell on this lantern is not original to the lantern however it appears to match nicely and may have been attached for quite some time. The under side of the lid shows pitting and a reattachment of the thumb latch wire but no pin holes to the naked eye.

The globe is a clear extended base globe with a wheel cutting mark of McL. No cracks and only very minor rim chipping. These extremely early and rare western brass tops aren’t getting any easier to find and this one, if completely original would be prized at twice the asking price as there are less than 5 of this early Santa Fe marked model known to exist in collections today.

Completing this lantern with a correct matching bell may take some time, but even as is, this surviving example embodies one of the most historic periods in American history.

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Clayton Moore Some people see further than the rest of us. Aviation enthusiasts worldwide have hailed his distinctive paintings. Dreams of Flight At his pastoral home on Spring Lake in Colorado Springs, Broome is literally building his next dream from the ground up. The plane was brought to his cul-de-sac in the Broadmoor area last summer with a massive crane, leading some passersby to believe a plane had crashed in the lake. The galley door of the airplane will open into his small current studio, a square-foot workspace.

His first paintings from childhood include a New York City skyline with the twin towers in it, 20 years before they were built.

Warren posted the dating info from the dealer catalog here. (models , , ) Green tank. The number on the pump is likely 67 and may indicate the year. The Thermos lantern line was discontinued by but may have been sold into

Bram Stoker’s Notes for Dracula: A phenomenological approach seemed most appropriate when dealing with this fascinating text. What that means according to the field’s founder German philosopher Edmund Husserl , is that one brackets one’s and everybody else’s presuppositions, and experiences the object of one’s intentionality as directly as possible.

In my case this was Bram Stoker’s Notes for Dracula. This line of reasoning lead me to a popular song I first heard nearly four decades ago, as a way of relating my experience as I spent the better part of several days working my way through it. So what were the results of my efforts?

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Jimmy Page and Lori Maddox Also known as: Lori Lightning, Lori Mattix Born: She reportedly lost her virginity at age 13 to David Bowie and Angie Bowie. One of her best friends was Sable Starr , who was the unofficial queen of the scene at the time.

“Feuerhand Sturmlaternen” A Brief History and Description of the German post-war Kerosene Storm-Lanterns patented by Hermann Nier First published in “Light International”, Vol. 3, lantern is a limited edition issued in , lacquered with titanium silver color on the bright.

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