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Gazing in the mirror, you admire the way those jeans frame your legs and minimize your backside. Welcome to muffintop purgatory. Ever go to a dietitian who used those scary-looking calipers to measure body fat? You can pinch subcutaneous fat. It provides padding for your butt and soles of your feet. Subcutaneous fat has an evil — even lethal — stepsister called abdominal or visceral fat. It also likes to create trouble, releasing signaling proteins called adipokines. Among their havoc, adipokines spike blood pressure, decrease muscle quality, and zap insulin sensitivity, setting the stage for insulin resistance and eventually diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Oh, it gets worse. Visceral fat also increases your risk for dementia.

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And while it may seem that a guy likes you and really wants to date you, they could just be playing nice in order to get in your pants. Guys know that us ladies are more inclined to want a relationship than they are. They usually are more interested in all the physical aspects of a relationship and less about actually dating.

If you are a nervous person, then having that one drink before you do anything can often be quite helpful. The thing you have to remember here is that there is no way that you should have more than one because if you smell of alcohol, then she is going to turn away and think you are drunk.

Nobody would mistake sugary soda for a health food, but a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health just found that a daily soda habit can age your immune cells almost two years. She studied telomeres, the caps at the end of chromosomes in every cell in our body, from white blood cells. Shorter telomeres have been linked to health detriments like shorter lifespans and more stress , cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, the study notes.

They found that people who drank more sugary soda tended to have shorter telomeres. Drinking an 8-ounce daily serving of soda corresponded to 1. The latter, the authors point out, is exactly the same association found between telomere length and smoking. Only the sugary, bubbly stuff showed this effect. Should You Eat This or That? Which is better for you: Half cup of ice cream or 3 scoops of sorbet?

Getty Images 4 Answer: And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat. Real butter or spray on fake butter?

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If you’re wondering, “What is Net Neutrality? YouTube has many tubes coming out of it, so the video can get out. YouTube’s tubes go to lots of other big companies like Comcast and Verizon. Comcast and Verizon have small tubes that come to our house and our neighbors’ houses, and hook up to our wifi thingies.

Jul 16,  · Great beer food should be better The Pear Tree Inn is the brewery tap for Hook Norton Brewery, they carry the range of real ales from the brewery, all in excellent pub is a pleasant country pub with a decent size beer garden, tables and benches, no chairs, they did kindly allow us to take a pub chair outside for my disabled wife TripAdvisor reviews.

It’s not hard to find drugs, and sometimes it may seem like everyone’s doing them — or wanting you to do them. But as with anything that seems too good to be true, there are downsides and dangers to taking drugs. How Drugs Work Drugs are chemicals or substances that change the way our bodies work. Some are medicines that help people when doctors prescribe them.

Many have no medical use or benefits. When taken usually by swallowing, inhaling, or injecting , abused drugs find their way into the bloodstream. From there, they move to the brain and other parts of the body.

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For the thousands of devoted fans of the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder who was born on February 7, , that problem is particularly acute. After all, the books are based on real events—but events that are also largely fictitious. Where does history end and fiction begin? From the moment the Ingalls family sets out in their wagon and leaves the Little House in the Big Woods, the Little House books show an unceasing push West.

But the land was not theirs to settle:

When you like someone, it can be tough to tell if they like you back. But if you’re ever going to get together, you have to start somewhere. Figuring out if someone likes you is the first step toward a healthy relationship.

If you want to maintain a loving, long-term relationship, you have to respect your partner’s opinion. You don’t have to agree with it, but you do have to listen and try to understand. Arguments come and go, but feelings last forever. After a long day at work, you: If one of those people is continually lonely because the other works long hours, goes out with friends more often than not or is physically present but mentally away, then there is no relationship, only two beings living in the same home.

If you’re causing your partner to feel alone, it’s time to reexamine your relationship and the meaning of commitment. Page 1 of 2 — Find five more questions that can help you guage how great of a partner you are on page 2. When you get stressed you tend to: But you don’t have to deal with it alone. Talking to your partner should be your first tactic — he or she may have a solution you haven’t thought about or be able put the situation into perspective.

If you can’t speak to your partner, try some outside help. If you need some time alone, that’s fine, too, as long as you’re not running away from the problem — and toward the bottle. One of your kids has been throwing up at school and needs to be picked up. Figure out a schedule and a division of labour that suits you both.

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January 18, iStock The word thesaurus literally means “repository” or “storehouse,” and it ultimately comes from the same root as the word treasure. There’s certainly some treasure to be unearthed in one, so in honor of Thesaurus Day, here are 25 smart-sounding synonyms to reboot your vocabulary. Thanks to the foul language of the people who worked there, the name eventually became synonymous with all coarse or abusive language.

An embranglement, likewise, is a tricky, confusing situation. It might only be a febricula that’s a light or passing fever , but nevertheless, you might need a febrifuge a drug that lowers your temperature.

Browse through and take thousands of food & drinks quizzes. Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings Go to page. Then this is the quiz for you! Which food are you? Just For Fun 6 .

Are there any men still out there who like Traditional women.? I am a 21 year old girl and I don’t go out, I drink on holidays but that’s it, I volunteer at my church a lot and Jesus is very important to me. I don’t curse, idk I was raised very traditionally and I believe in a traditional life and marriage. I do not have sex and although I have had sex I am I do not have sex and although I have had sex I am refraining until marriage to do so again.

I believe in getting married before having children, praying before dinner, using your manners. I believe a man I supposed to be the head of the house and a woman is supposed to be submissive. Idk I am afraid I will never find a man who values the lifestyle I do anymore. I am running out of hope, but god willing I will find one. And cannot disprove God, how can anyone who holds to science, proclaim dogmatically that there is no God?

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Check the statements below that are true about you or that you agree with. If you have enough money to scrape by, then you’re making enough money. When you go out to dinner with your friends, you always manage to avoid paying. You never fill up with a tank of gas at once – you put in a couple bucks worth whenever you can. During the day, you’re more likely to be in front of the TV than working.

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Levitt and Stephen J. The Cowardly Lion in L. Hamnet died at the age of 11, possibly from bubonic plague. In the first English translation of the Bible was printed in England. Who is credited with the translation? What is his full name? Many authors had full-time professions before they became writers. What was the profession of Arthur Conan Doyle? What was his name? In response to the criticism this film received, he directed Intolerance in which focused on intolerance throughout human history.

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